Learning from the Past to Protect the Future

April 10-13 , 2012
Peabody Hotel
Memphis, Tennessee

Executive Committe
Jay Berger, EERI
Ed Fratto, NESEC
Heidi Kandathil, CREW
Patricia L. Sutch, WSSPC
Jim Wilkinson, CUSEC

Conference Co-Chairs
James Beavers, JEBc
Jim Wilkinson, CUSEC

Program Co-Chairs
Oliver Boyd, USGS
Rich Eisner
Shahram Pezeshk, University of Memphis

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2012 National Earthquake Conference

Historically, damaging earthquakes have occurred in the eastern, central and western United States. How should you prepare for such an event? Can you afford not to be ready? By working together before earthquakes occur, we can reduce the social and economic impacts. 

The mission of the 2012 National Earthquake Conference is to identify tangible, cost-effective, measurable actions that can be implemented immediately to reduce loss of life, injury and destruction of property when the next earthquake inevitably strikes somewhere in the United States.





Earthquake Insight Field Trip

Why Attend?

Understand the research: Develop a shared understanding of the scientific, engineering, and social research that underlies our ability to assess, mitigate, and respond to earthquakes across the U.S. (California, Pacific NW, New Madrid, Northeast, Southeast).

Exchange ideas about tools for earthquake hazard and risk reduction: Exchange key information on the needs and state of the art in technological and informational products meant to facilitate earthquake hazard mitigation and response.

Showcase successful programs: Present and discuss successful earthquake and other hazard mitigation and response programs in the public and private sectors.

Learn from past disasters: Relate the lessons learned from large-scale disasters to probable future earthquakes.

Build resiliency:  Discover and build on new approaches and solutions to achieving resiliency to earthquakes.

This conference is being held in conjunction with the 2012 EERI Annual Meeting and is an anchoring event of the New Madrid Bicentennial
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